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Filagra DXT (Sildenafil 100mg+ Duloxetine 30mg)

Fortune Health Care Ltd. composed filagra dxt online medicine that is a combination of drugs for to deal with erectile failure in men. Sensational combination of Sildenafil Citrate 100mg and Duloxetine makes pill a powerful medicine to deal with repeated penile failure from roots. Medication works effectively for dealing with both erectile dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation at the same time. Sexual solution of medicine relieves penile issues in men by overcoming arterial strains and boosting up flow of blood in the penile region. Excessive intake of medicine should be strictly avoided to experience passionate and healthy results. Appropriate intake of medicine will help men to get hard and sturdy erection naturally without any extra efforts.

Session of making love is completely passionate after ejaculatory control that helps men to discharge on the peak time. Medicine makes it an extremely easy for sexually aroused men to deal with repeated penile failure. Medicine is a power packed solution to overcome such sensational issues in minutes.


The usual recommended  does Filagra DXT  is one pill a day. However, consult your doctor for your dose.


Consult your doctor right away.

Missed Dose

If it is time for your next dose, then skip the missed dose or else take it as soon as you remember. Do not double dose.

Warnings and Precautions:

sildenafil citrate 100mg and Duloxetine 30mg composed medicine is only licensed for consumption by men between ages of 18 and 64 years who have PE for at least last six months

Patients that are already under certain treatment or conditions or any ongoing health condition should consult doctor before taking buy filagra dxt online medicine

Heart related and cardiovascular diseases that include aortic stenosis, idiopathic hypertraphic subaortic stenosis and general ventricular outflow obstruction medications are not to be combined with any sexual enhancing pills

Men with stroke, myocardial infaction (heart attacks) or serious arrhythmia should consult doctor before taking penile failure medications

Blood Pressure or related diseases including Hypertension & Hypotension and patients with impaired autonomic control of blood pressure should also consult doctor for starting with sexual enhancers

This Sildenafil Citrate 100mg and Duloxetine 30mg composed medicine is not safe for overdose and excessive intake of this medicine should be avoided under any circumstances

If at all you are under any other ED or PE medicine do not take this medicine and also avoid taking other sexual enhancers when you are consuming this ED + PE treating pill


Keep Filagra DXT price in usa medicine in cool and dry place. Store the conventional tablet form of medicine in same blister pack away from moisture prone area or direct reach of sunlight. Do not store the medicine near reach of children or pets.

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