Fildena 25mg

How do Fildena Tablets work?

The active ingredient sildenafil citrate in Fildena is a selective inhibitor of cGMP- phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzyme. The selective inhibition of this enzyme results in the smooth muscles relaxation of the spongy region of the penis called corpus cavernosum.This vasodilation increases the blood flow inside the penis causing its erection.

How to use Fildena?

Most of the times, doctors recommend the patients to have the right amount of the Fildena 1 hour before having the sex. On the other hand, if the patients want to have the Fildena then, they can consume it anywhere, but they have to take it 30 minutes to 4 hours before having sex with their partner. A patient can take only one tablet of the fildena 100 in a single day. This tablet can be made without consuming or with consuming food too with a high-fat meal increases its absorption.

What is the dosage?

fildena 25 Having 200 mg of Fildena is the maximum dose of the Fildena, but the minimum dosage of the Fildena that the doctors recommend to the patients is 25 mg.  Most of the time, doctors recommend the patient to have the dosage of 50mg or 100mg. As per the tolerant power of the patient the dosage of the Fildena can be increased or decreased by the experienced doctor.

What are the side effects?

We all know that excess of everything is dangerous for our health. The medicines or drugs are those things are very dangerous to our health if taken in an excess amount.  Fildena is the drug which is having a side effect if it is not taken in a prescribed amount. Here are some of the major side effects of the Fildena:

  1. A person may have the problem of a headache
  2. Back pain can be the problem for the person who is taking this medicine
  3. Having problems related to visibility can be a problem
  4. Having low visibility can be a problem for the person
  5. Nausea and rashes can be the problem for the person
  6. Some of the other side effects or the Fildena 100 mg are myalgia, dizziness, flushing, nasal congestion, dyspepsia and other.

What Precautions need to be taken care of?

  1. For the persons who have taken any dental surgery must be cautious before taking this medicine.
  2. As we have already discussed that this medicine is not recommended for the ladies and the children
  3. Persons who are having pain while the erection lasts for around 4 hours.
  4. A person who is facing the problem of hypertension and is on nitroglycerin or other nitrates
  5. To ensure that you must keep this medicine out of the sight of the children.
  6. Make sure that you must have guidance from the specialist doctor before taking this medicine
  7. Always read all the necessary information before taking like ingredients and other vital information

How many substitutes are available?

fildena 25 mg price in india Many substitutes of Fildena are available with Sildenafil Citrate, which is the main ingredient of the tablet. Sildenafil Citrate is only available at the certified reputed stores only and has been sold by the experienced medical pharmacist.