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How Fildena 50mg?

buy fildena 50mg online has one of a kind activity. It acts by restraint of the special protein that is responsible for the demolition of cGMP related blood supply to the male genitalia known as PDE 5. Restraint of this compound outcomes in blood supply and that keeps up and creates adequate erection to take care of out the demand of sexual want.

What are capacity states of Fildena 50mg ?

Store the medication at room temperature, far from the exorbitant warmth and dampness.

Fildena 50mg side effects

Any side effects from taking Fildena 50mg are usually minor. Typical side effects include headache, stomach upset, vision problems, dizziness, light sensitivity, flushed skin, and rashes. Rare but serious side effects include hearing problems, temporary blindness, and an erection that won’t go away. If you have one of these side effects after taking fildena 50mg, seek medical attention.

Buy Fildena 50 mg Online | Order Fildena USA

How should it be stored?

It is advisable to protect the drug from moisture and store in its original package.

Missed Dose- No effect is seen in case of missed dose of Fildena 100mg or Fildena 50mg as it is required according to your need.

Overdose- chest pain, tachycardia and bradycardia (uneven heartbeat), Painful and prolonged erection is the main effect of Fildena 50mg side effects overdose. In this condition you should consult your doctor and get medical help from your nearest hospital.

Which medication ought not be brought with Fildena 50mg ?

Nonexclusive Sildenafil Citrate may respond with some medication like Nitrates and its compound subordinates. It might likewise hinder when bringing with a few anti-microbials, antifungal and blood thinners fildena 50 mg price in usa, in this way to show signs of improvement impact, not to mention these medicines.

Who ought not take this medication?

Tolerant who is oversensitive to it or any of constituent present in it and patient experiencing recuperating of coronary illness.

Are there any safety measures to be taken while using Fildena 50mg, 100mg?

  • A man should avoid the intake of alcohol or other recreational drugs while using Fildena medication.
  • Intake of Fildena along with nitrates can cause severe lowering of blood pressure, so do not use Fildena while taking nitrates.
  • Intake of Fildena may cause drowsiness or lightheadedness, so do not drive a vehicle or execute any risky tasks after using this medicine.
  • Never prescribe fildena to men less than 18 years of age.

Storage Conditions of Fildena 50mg

This drug should be stored at 20-25 ° C or room temperature.

Keep away from moisture and humidity.

Keep away from children and pets.

Do not store expiry date drug.

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