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What is Cenforce?

sildenafil cenforce 100 mg is a medication that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It contains Sildenafil Citrate as its prime ingredient, that is an ingredient of Viagra as well. So, Cenforce is also known by the name generic Viagra.

How to take Cenforce 100 mg

cenforce 100 cheap is taken orally with just one glass of water. You may take light meal before taking the medication. You can take either half or full tablet of it. Its effects can be seen within 30 minutes of taking cenforce 100 pink. The effects usually lasts for about 4 to 5 hours, thus giving you a long quality time to enjoy your pleasurable moments.

How Cenforce 100 mg works?

cenforce 100 mg price works in erectile by increasing blood flow to the penis by relaxing the muscles in penile blood vessels. 100 mg works in pulmonary hypertension by relaxing the blood vessels in the lungs to allow blood to flow more easily.

Uses of the drug

cenforce 100 tablets is used for ED in men. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which maintaining and getting proper erection dysfunction of penis is a questionable aspect. Not getting proper erection leads to unsatisfactory sexual experience. Cenforce 100 pills helps in the same.

Side effects of Cenforce 100

  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

Possible drug interactions of Cenforce 100mg

  • Avoid intake of PDE-5 inhibitors used for ED such as tadalafil, avanafil, verdenafil, HIV drugs such as saquinavir, ritonavir, indinovir, because if combined it lessens the elimination of cenforce 100 cost CYP3A4 Inhibitors such as telithromycin, clarithromycin, Indinavir, ritonavir, ketoconazole, and nelfinavir.
  • Avoid usage of α-Blockers such as Prazosin, doxazocin, terazosin, because if combined with cenforce 100 online, it tends to severe drop in BP.
  • Avoid intake of the drug used to treat angina pectoris or Nitrate drugs, Such as isosorbide mononitrate, isosorbide dinitrate, because with Cenforce 100 mg it leads to severe fall in Blood pressure.