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How Sildamax 100mg Works?

sildamax 100mg price in india is another sildenafil based medicine that belongs to PDE-5 vasodilators family. Sildenafil relaxes the arteries and provides with more blood flow inside the male genital and occurs erection. sildamax deaths alone cannot result in construction unless a man is sexually stimulated.

Uses And Dosage

Like all other ED pills, Sildamax 100mg tablets should be taken orally. Never exceed a dose of 100mg per day and do not take sildamax 100mg online more than once a day. The effect of Sildenafil starts in about 30 minutes and remains valid for four to six hours. Fatty meals, alcoholic drinks or grape should be avoided to achieve a potential erection and maximum effect of Sildamax. Sildamax 100mg cheap come in blister packs contained of 10 x 100mg Sildamax 100mg sale with a dark blue sugar based coating making it easier to swallow.

Sildamax Side effects

Here are sildamax side effects one or more of that one may experience when Sildamax is taken:

Redness on face or flushing
Blocked nose
Dry eyes
Nominal nausea
Blurred vision
Red Eyes
Light sensitivity

To avoid possible side effects, proper consumption of water has strongly suggested. In the case of considerable loss of vision or hearing capability, it is strongly recommended to seek to advise of the doctor.

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